You're Engaged!

That moment was everything. The scene you can’t stop thinking about was all you’ve ever dreamed of, right? Yep, it sure was. Finally the days have come for picking the perfect place to become one another’s forever. Before you know it, you’ll be fitted for wedding clothes while sifting through Pinterest to put your finger on the perfect flowers, colors, and moods for the day, your day. But before you get to all that, and trust me…you’ll get to it…freeze in time the moments of when you said ‘yes’ to each other by booking the most sentimental and lovely engagement photo session. 

Here We Go:

1. You must pick the right photographer

When you pick the professional who is going to be taking your photographs, communication is key. Think through the wants, wishes, and dreams you have for your photos. Write them down and share. Also, be willing to ask yourself if you’re ready to trust the creativity of this photographer. Can you tell them no? Do you believe they know what they are doing? Can you be honest about what you do and do not want? When it comes to your wedding photographer, it is most vital that you trust them and know how to talk with that person well. Shameless plug- if you still need a wedding photographer, hit me up! They’ll be the one tagging along for every major moment on the most important day of your life. Finding a connection with your photographer is kind of a big deal.

2. There are no rules as to when you should have your engagement photo session

You are not obligated to do these pictures until you are ready and it’s convenient on this list of to do’s. Though there isn’t a standard time table, there are important things to factor in when you are looking at scheduling your session. Consider the season in which you want to and can take your pictures. (Weather is kind of a thing.) Do you want to take pictures in certain attire that is only appropriate during a specific window of time? I mean, if you want to wear a floral dress—that doesn’t necessarily vibe in November. Get my drift? Location can also be a huge factor when booking this appointment. All things to think about!

3. Know what you SHOULD wear

This is always on our minds, isn’t it? Whatever shall I wear? Have fun with it! Whatever you wear should be something cute. Let your styling reflect that of your personality. Wear something that you feel confident in and when in doubt, keep it simple. What’s simple? Jeans and a button down (that brings out the eyes) for him. And for her-a flowy dress with movement! Done and done.

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4. Know what you SHOULDN’T wear

It’s fine if you didn’t know there are some ‘no no’s’ in this department, that’s why I’m here. Yes, there are things you should NOT wear for the camera. Bright colors like orange and hot pink can be super distracting. The brightness of the colors can also make photos difficult to edit. It’s best to take it down a notch. Again, when in doubt…keep it simple. Don’t wear anything or any color that would take any attention away from the two of you.

5. If professional hair and make-up takes your confidence to the next level, book it! 

There are differing opinions around recruiting a stylist to do hair and make up for your engagement photo session. But they are just that…they are opinions. DO YOU! Lots of clients like to keep things natural, making sure their engagement photos reflect the way they look on the day to day. While that’s totally cool, if you want to book hair and make up and glam a little-it’s totally up to you. Do what makes you feel most ready to smile.

6. Consider ALL the places when you talk through the best spot to take these pictures

The options are quite literally limitless when it comes to a fantastic location to hold your engagement session. These are all on my list of never fail photo locales.

  •  Bring the party outside-you can’t go wrong with leaves in the fall or a field full of wildflowers. Where’s your favorite outdoor view? Think on it and bring it to the table. 
  • Want to make things warm and cozy? Yeah, you should. Find a delicious Air BnB (ahem, mine) or shop around for great lighting in a home studio space. Is there a spot that is your spot?
  •  Let’s walk through a day in the life of you…hit up your favorite coffee shop and dig through the hidden shops you love-you never know where we might find the most amazing photo!

7. There is an optimal time of day to take photographs

When you are booking your session remember that the later in the day, the better. I recommend an afternoon or evening session, depending on the time of year. I always say book the session 1-2 hours before sunset. 

8. If there is a special prop or accessory that represents you and your relationship, bring it on

If there is something that can’t not be in a photograph (like idk, maybe your PUP) that accurately describes who you are together, it’s a must have for your session. I am here to document you in the best way and I want to capture what truly makes you YOU. Individuality and uniqueness is what makes a couple and a photo stand out. But on the flip side, props aren't a necessity for great photos- you do you.

9. It is important to trust that your photographer is going the extra mile to make sure your session goes off without a hitch

If you know me, you know that lighting, placement, direction, and posing are super important in my work. I have done a million sessions and I know what works and have seen what doesn’t. With creative freedom as a professional, I am able to direct you in a fun way and together we’ll capture your raw and true emotion! Word of the wise- TRUST YOUR PHOTOG!

10. Think of your engagement photo session as a trial for the wedding

If you're contemplating not getting engagement photos taken, know that it’s highly recommended. This session gives the client and the photographer an opportunity to work together and get a feel for one another. You’ll get the vibe of how your wedding day portraits will go and start to feel more comfortable as you get to know each other better. I love getting to meet and capture my wedding clients through engagement photos….so LETS GO DO THIS AND HAVE SOME FUN along the way!

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Still Have Questions?

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